Öz Erciyes Nuts

Oz Erciyes Kuruyemiş was established in 1969 in Adana, Turkey's most fertile and fertile land.

Since the year we were founded, we have pioneered quality and serve our region with our significant investments in innovation, production and growth.

With the best and quality raw material selection, strong supply network, natural production practices, we respond to the demands of our consumers with the right and healthy products.

As Öz Erciyes, we continue our journey, which started with the production of dried nuts, with the highest quality and natural production of products such as Traditional Turkish Delights, Adana's famous highland sausage varieties with molasses and cezerye, the strength paste of the sultans. As Öz Erciyes, we have been striving to offer Turkish Coffee to our consumers in its purest and natural form by making significant investments in coffee imports and roasting technologies in recent years.

We continue our production and sales activities with our Öz Erciyes and Çeşnicibaşı brands, with our factory located in Adana Organized Industrial Zone, which has a high production capacity in nuts, confectionery and coffee products, and 3 sales branches spread throughout Adana.

Supply and production power in national and international quality standards
Selection of the best and most accurate raw materials
Healthy and reliable production